The Broiled Stew

broil: [verb] to heat by natural force


Reinvention - a necessary change not only for websites and blogs, but also for our life. Much as I have reinvented my life in the past few years, so have I more recently reinvented the whole purpose and outline of my website.  Removing the popular focus of writing a blog, I have decided to instead build a website with a few pages focusing on specific topics that are most interesting to me.

To read more about me, this site, and other blogs/websites I follow, see the about page.

about the pages:

Broiled Astroscovery

This is one interest in my life that has not only remained through childhood, but has grown a considerable amount. I love to read and I especially love to read about those ideas that are cutting-edge, unusual, and turn the world upside-down (literally). I’ll explore the NASA missions, the latest advances and innovations in technology, theories and laws, and just about anything else that interests me.

My objective is not quantity but quality. Do not expect to see a bunch of pages popping up each week with half-wit ideas and minimal information. If I’ve written about it, you’ll know all about it. You can expect pages to be updated occasionally as new information surfaces (this is especially true of recent discoveries and missions where new data is expected). Since the remaking of this site is still new and fresh, the material will seem eclectic and varied. As I write more and more material, then patterns may become apparent and influence the design.

As with any other part of this site, I welcome any comments, suggestions, critiques, etc. This is always a continuing work-in-progress.

Broiled Hike

Next to looking at the night sky, my favorite pastime is hiking.

My objective here is to simply provide you with a kind of hiking journal for each of the trails I hit. The hiking journal may look like a blog but each entry is designed to focus on one subject or one aspect of the hike. Each "trail journal" may include the preparation for the trail, plants and animals found on the trail, the history behind the trail, the geography, my overall impression and anything else that interest me. Each page will be written like a journal. That is, technical jargon will not be the dominating feature, but rather a relaxed (or stressful-depending on the hike) entry will include my thoughts and my opinions. Hopefully each page will provide you with some useful information as well as be entertaining.

Broiled Philosophy

Asking life’s questions... again.

I like to do a lot of reading in philosophy, especially within the metaphysics/epistemology areas.  One thing that does seem certain is that the questions that were asked hundreds of years ago are being asked again today.  The only real difference is we’ve over-categorized our positions to such an extent that whatever you believe or know can put you in your own philosophical world and instantly we have 7 billion different philosophies.

I believe there are two things that turn people away from philosophy.  One is that philosophy has become so ambiguous within itself that it has become impossible for anyone to take a stance on any one topic without also becoming the least knowledgeable about their own opinion.  Those well-versed in philosophy are in such a tight community that reaching out to the layman has nearly stopped.  Philosophers are almost never featured in the media being replaced with scientists, artists, and the layman himself.  Also, having a lack of practical solutions seems to be a problem.  People do not study philosophy because there is no practicality to it.  I have written my own reasons as to why one should study the field, but my reasons hardly present an epiphany.

Because of the ambiguity of resources on philosophy, I start my study with a source that is both praised and ridiculed: Wikipedia.  While it certainly is not a place to gather all needed information, it is a good starting point that gives some kind of structure to the field of philosophy.  Using Wikipedia only as a starting point, I will be doing my research at other places including the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and PhilPapers as well as various offline resources.

While I say the focus on this section is on philosophy, I believe that there is hardly a disconnect between philosophy and religion.  Almost every philosophical topic I have read about has a parallel discussion in religious circles.  While it seems that most people categorize religion as being different to philosophy, I find it hard to disconnect the two.  Therefore, within this part of the sight will be discussions on religion, both the factual and faithful side.  It is partly through the study of philosophy and using philosophy that I have come to the current belief system that I have today.  I will try to make it clear what is my opinion on religion and what is not.


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