Broiled Philosophy


I have debated about how to approach the study of philosophy - especially as an unguided autodidact. I would like to become knowledgeable enough to debate, read and understand and write like other philosophers.  However, not being immersed in the community and having the time and resources to devote to any equivalence of a formal education, it seems the professional, educated philosophical world will yet still elude me.

So, my approach will be through three perspectives. One involves studying the lives and written philosophies of the great historical thinkers. This will provide a historical approach as well as a chance to research and study in depth their concepts and ideas. The second approach involves taking basic questions and basic ideas, studying what others have written and then forming my own answers to those questions. This provides a way for me to be active (through writing) while studying these concepts, ideas and questions. And the third perspective is my own personal writings. While I cannot hope to contribute much, I do enjoy writing my own ideas and exploring the thought processes they provide.

While these approaches may not include me in the mainstream philosophical world, they will provide me with a way of studying and applying philosophy that is most meaningful to me.